Quantcast Rack And Pinion Equalizers

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Distorted or straightened members, blistered paint, extruded rust from between members or
around bolts or rivets, and oil bubbles on members may be clues to a cracked or fractured
member. Where examination reveals the possibility of a fracture, a complete check should be
made. Report any evidence or alterations or additions to the platforms or yokes that have
materially changed the structural integrity. On lifts that have full drive on platforms, verify that
all toe guards and skirts are provided on all four sides to protect against shear edges. These skirts
should be painted with a highly visible color such as yellow or orange.
11.2.3 Rack And Pinion Equalizers
Inspect the bar racks for signs of excessive wear or damage to teeth. Verify that latching
mechanisms fully engage rack to lock lift position when stopped. Pinion equalizer drive shafts
should be inspected to determine that connections are sound between units.
11.2.4 Non-Rotating Device
Some single piston lifts are installed with a smaller secondary telescoping cylinder to keep the
lift platform from rotating when in the raised position. These units should be checked for
alignments and proper lubrication.
11.2.5 Cylinders
Below ground cylinders to direct-plunge lifts cannot be visually inspected. The cylinder head
and its fastenings should be examined for defects or corrosion. The packing should be examined
for excessive leakage. Determine that means are provided to collect any leakage. If provision is
made to return leakage to the reservoir, the operation of this device should be checked. If
cylinders are the movable type, rollers and guide rails should be checked for ease of movement
and excessive wear.
11.2.6 Plungers
Examine the plunger for any pitting, scoring, excessive wear, or corrosion of metal.
Determine if there is any evidence of excessive play of the plunger in the cylinder indicating
excessive wear of the plunger guides.
11.2.7 Plunger Fastenings
Examine the fastenings of the plunger to the lift platform or yoke structure.


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