Quantcast Chapter 12. Mechanized Parking Garage Equipment

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NOTE: Paragraphs identified with a vertical line in the left margin are inspections that should
be made by certified Vertical Transportation Equipment Inspectors only.
12.1.1 Scope
This section describes the procedures involved in inspecting a specialized type of mechanized
automobile parking equipment that utilizes hydraulic power to raise and lower a dual park or
tandem parking platform. This equipment consists of a mobile platform upon which the first
automobile is parked. The platform containing the car is then raised and locked into an elevated
position so that a second car can be parked under the first.
12.1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this inspection is to review the entire garage lift installation to ascertain that
the equipment is being properly maintained and is in a safe operating status. Because the
operation and use of this type garage lift is exposed to the public, the inspection should be
directed toward those areas such as hydraulic lines, rams, switches, operating levers and guards,
loading and boarding surfaces and the safety features that directly relate to the safe operation by
the user personnel. Figure 12-1 shows a typical garage lift arrangement and specification.
12.2.1 Landings
Adequate lighting of not less than three foot-candles should be provided at each floor landing
at all times when the garage lift is in operation. Check with a calibrated light meter. The floor
space adjacent to floor openings should be free from obstructions and kept clear at all times. The
landing surfaces at the entrances and exits to lift should be so constructed and maintained as to
provide a safe footing at all times.


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