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Where examination reveals the possibility of a fracture, a complete check should be made.
Report any evidence of alterations or additions to the platforms or yokes that have materially
changed the structural integrity. Mechanical Locks. The parking lift platform should be held in the raised position by
mechanical locking devices requiring no hydraulic power to hold the unit in place. Verify that
the mechanical locking devices are in place and are operating properly. Do not permit parking
lifts to be operated unless the mechanical locks are operative.
12.2.8 Covers And Guards
The inspector should check to see that all covers and guards are in place. They are provided
to prevent accidental contact with moving devices or exposed electrical components. This
protection is not being provided if the cover or guard is not properly mounted in place. Curb
angles and throw over plates should be in place (as applicable), be undamaged and fully
12.2.9 Housekeeping
The lift and surrounding area should be kept clean. Build-up of lint, dirt lubricants and trash
in pits (if applicable) on yokes, brackets and rails presents a serious fire hazard.
12.2.10 Cylinders
Below ground cylinders or buried piping to direct-plunger lifts cannot be visually inspected.
The cylinder head and its fastenings should be examined for defects or corrosion. The packing
should be examined for excessive leakage. Determine that means are provided to collect any
leakage. If provision is made to return leakage to the reservoir, the operation of this device
should be checked. If cylinders are the movable type, rollers and guide rails should be checked
for ease of movement and excessive wear.
12.2.11 Plungers
Examine the plunger for any pitting, scoring, excessive wear, or corrosion of metal.
Determine if there is any evidence of excessive play of the plunger in the cylinder indicating
excessive wear of the plunger guides.
12.2.12 Plunger Fastenings
Examine the fastenings of the plunger to the lift platform or yoke structure.


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