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13.1.3 Use
Power platforms are used to transport working personnel up and down the vertical surface of a
structure and provide a work place for personnel to perform various tasks. This includes such
functions as window washing, building repairs and maintenance, etc. They are provided for the
exclusive use of certain designated operating or maintenance personnel. No persons other than
such employees are permitted to ride on the units.
13.1.4 Applicable Safety Standards
The applicable safety standards for the construction, maintenance, inspection and operation of
scaffolds is contained in ANSI A120-1970 Safety Requirements for Powered Platforms for
Exterior Building Maintenance. The Federal OSHA Standard 1910.28 governs ground rigged
power scaffolds, while 1910.66 covers permanent installed power scaffolds and power platforms.
Many state and municipal code inspection authorities also publish safety standards for power
13.1.5 Inspection Interval
It is recommended that periodic inspection of the following items be conducted before each
days use or in no case less than 12 month intervals:
a. Suspension Means
b. Hoist Ropes
c. Rope Shackles
d. Electrical Power Cords
e. Safety Lines and Suspension Points
f. Safety belts
g. Platform Integrity
h. Electrical Switches, Disconnects, Controllers and Control Stations.
i. Platform Guides and Components


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