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13.2.1 Application
Ascertain that the powered scaffold is being utilized to transport only the specified loads for
which it was designed. The people and equipment loads moved should not exceed the powered
scaffolds rated capacity nor its rated speed.
13.2.2 Maintenance And Repair
Determine whether the powered scaffold unit is being properly maintained by qualified
personnel and that the maintenance and call back logs are provided, properly filled out, and are
up-to-date. A good indicator of proper maintenance is clean, properly lubricated equipment.
13.2.3 Inspections Performed On The Roof Or On The Ground For Ground Rigged Powered
Before boarding or operating a powered scaffold, inspect the support means such as
outriggers, cornice hooks or davits to ascertain that the supports are sound, that the rope
suspension hooks, eyelets, or shackles are the proper type and that the hoist ropes are in good
shape. Hoist ropes should have a tag and be periodically reshackled or replaced per ANSI
A120.1 Rule 32.4 and 32.6. Inspect the power cord, safety lines and safety belts or harnesses to
determine that they are available and are in proper operating condition. Board the powered
scaffold platform to determine that the hoist yokes are attached and secured, that the handrails,
toeboards, and platform members meet OSHA regulations and that the scaffold guide shoes are
in place.  Check the hoist overspeed brace, secondary brace and controlled descent devices (if
13.2.4 Inspections Performed On The Powered Scaffold
Raise the scaffold and swing it out over the roof through the davits (if furnished), check the
top limit switches, the bottom limit switches, the mullion guide obstruction devices and the
platform anti-tilt devices (if furnished). Check the pendant controls for up and down movement
and the stop switches to make certain they interrupt power to the hoists. Check the hoist rope
tension device and the slack rope device.
13.2.5 Controls (For Roof Car Type Devices)
The following inspection procedure applies to all the control mechanisms, including starting
panels for the roof car drive motor. A good preventive maintenance program on the control
equipment will greatly reduce shutdowns.


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