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NOTE: Paragraphs identified with a vertical line in the left margin are inspections that should
be made by certified Vertical Transportation Equipment Inspectors only.
14.1.1 Scope
This section describes the procedures involved in inspecting levellators on dock boards.
These specialized units are lifting platforms that are utilized on loading docks, manufacturing
plants, hospitals, etc. where is it desired to move heavy materials or vehicles from one level to
another. The platform motive means can be either pressured hydraulic fluid from a pump unit or
by compressed air operating on scissors lift plungers, direct plungers or offset plungers.
14.1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this inspection is to review the entire levellator installation to ascertain that
the equipment is being properly maintained and is in a safe operating status. Because the
operation and use of levellators are by their nature very dangerous, the inspection should be
directed towards those areas such as hydraulic lines, scissors, rams, switches, operating levers
and guards, loading and boarding surfaces and the safety features that directly relate to the safe
operation by the user personnel. Figure 14-1 shows a typical levellator with component names
that will be used in this manual.
14.1.3 Use
Levellators are generally used to transport materials in manufacturing plants, paper pulp
plants, warehouses, filtration plants, power plants, chemical plants, and loading docks. (See
Figure 14-2). They are provided for the exclusive use of certain designated operating or
maintenance personnel when vertical transportation of such material loads is required for a
distance of up to two floors. No persons other than such freight handling employees are
permitted to work on the units and these employees should not ride on a levellator while it is
vertically transitioning.


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