Quantcast Inspections Made with Power On

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Custom Search Inspections Made with Power On. Close the mainline switch and proceed to observe
the operation of the control equipment when the power unit is running. Note any arcing of
contacts excessive heating of coils or resistances, and misalignment of relays, contactors, and
switches. Levellator speed must also be checked and compared with previous test data and
criteria. This will determine if the system is operating at its full potential or if adjustments are
needed to obtain a system operating at design capabilities. Unusual noises should also be noted.
14.2.6 Machinery Area
14.2-6.1 Illumination. Check the machinery area for adequate lighting. Housekeeping. Check the machinery area for housekeeping and the presence of any
flammable liquids (flash point less than 110 degrees F) or materials not necessary for the
operation and maintenance of the levellator.


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