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They are to be operated exclusively by certain trained, designated operating, maintenance, or
inspection personnel when transportation of materials is required. No persons other than such
employees are permitted to utilize the conveyor units.
15.1.4 Applicable Safety Standards
The applicable safety standards for the construction, maintenance, inspection and operation of
conveyors and related equipment is contained in the ANSI/ASME B20.1 Safety Standard for
conveyors and related equipment. While the Federal OSHA Standards do not have a section
specifically for conveyors, Section 1910.12(a) does address the guarding of machines and power
transmission apparatus . Many state and municipal code inspection authorities also publish safety
standards for conveyors. Because there have been many incidences of accidents to persons on or
about conveyors, they should be inspected on a periodic basis.
15.1.5 Inspection Interval
It is recommended as a minimum, that periodic inspections of the following general conveyor
items be conducted every thirty (30) days:
a. Belt and Belt Joints
b. Belt Pulleys and Clearances
c. Pulley Supports
d. Pulley Take-up or Conveyor Weights
e. Backstops and Brakes
f. Drive Mechanism and Couplings
g. Electrical Switches, Disconnects, Controllers, and Control Strap Ons
h. Floor Landings - Slippery Conditions
i. Guardrails, Guards and Safety Devices
k. Limit and Tension Switches
l. Lubrication


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