Quantcast Verification Of Application

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m. Drive Motor and Coupling
n. Pulley Lagging
o. Pulley Supports
p. Rail, Track or Chain Supports and Fastenings
q. Rails, Tracks or Chains
r. Rollers and Sliders
s. Stop Switches, Pull Cords or Stop Controllers
t. Hoppers and Chutes
u. Nip and Shear Point Guards
v. Equipment and Vibration and Misalignment
w. Warning Signs, Signals, and Lights
Light and tension switches should be checked weekly.
15.2.1 Verification Of Application
Ascertain that the conveyor is being utilized to convey only the specified commodities or
materials for which it was designed. The material loads moved should not exceed the conveyors'
rated capacity nor its rated speed.
15.2.2 Condition Of Maintenance
Determine whether the conveyor unit is being properly maintained by qualified personnel and
if the maintenance and call back logs are provided, are properly filled out and are up to date. A
good indicator of proper maintenance is clean, properly lubricated equipment.
15.2.3 Controlled Access
When conveyor drive machines or vertical or inclined sections are located in buildings, such


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