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as office buildings, to which the public has access, make certain the control drives are located in
an enclosure protected by self-closing, spring-locked doors, at all floors or areas to which the
public has access. Keys to such doors shall be limited to employees. In lieu of spring-locked
doors which require a key, a magnetic-type lock is permitted if the actuating pushbutton is
located not less than seven feet above the floor in an inconspicuous location.
15.2.4 Floor Openings
Floor openings for vertical or inclined conveyor sections should be properly guarded.
Adequate lighting of not less than three floor-candles should be provided at each indoor floor
landing or transfer points at all times when the conveyor is in operation. Check the lighting
provided with a calibrated light meter. All runs of indoor conveyors, machinery spaces and
walkways should be illuminated at all times when it is in operation. An intensity of not less than
one foot-candle should be maintained at all points.
15.2.6 Entry Or Loading Area
The floor space adjacent to floor openings or transfer points should be free from obstruction
and kept clear of extraneous materials at all times. The landing surfaces at the conveyor loading
and discharge points should be so constructed and maintained as to provide safe footing at all
15.2.7 Floor Opening Guards
The floor opening at each vertical conveyor section should be guarded on all sides by a
standard railing and toeboard or by approved panels or wire mesh. Such rails or guards should be
at least 42 inches in height with a 4 inch high toeboard per the applicable OSHA Standards.
Rails or guards should be located not more than one foot in board from the edge of the floor
15.2.8 Drive Machines Types. Conveyor drive machines can be of the direct-connected type, driven by
multiple V-belts, or connected through various drive shafts, gear boxes, or reducers. Ascertain
that all drive motor supports, electrical conduits, and equipment guards are in place and properly
braced to ensure that hazards to operation personnel do not exist. Backstops and all incline, decline or vertical conveyors where the effect of gravity will
permit uncontrolled lowering of the load which may cause injury to personnel should be


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