Quantcast Belt Conveyors - Fixed In Place

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mounting, and maintenance record tag. They should be properly mounted and maintained.
15.2.11 Machinery Area Access
Check that a permanent, safe, and convenient means of access to machinery spaces has been
provided and maintained. Check stairways and ladders to see that they are stable and secure.
Also check to see that the access is not infringed on by building changes. Public safety may be
directly dependent on rescue personnel getting to the conveyor equipment in a hurry. The other
consideration is the possible need to move large heavy equipment in and out of these areas.
Access doors should be self-closing, self-locking and maintained in the closed position. In
addition, Navy policy is that the machinery spaces are considered to be controlled access areas to
be secured by lock and key or combination locks.
15.3.1 Belt Conveyors - Fixed In Place
Nip and shear points shall be guarded at terminals, drives, take-ups, pulleys, and snub rollers
where the belt changes directions, wrap around pulleys at the discharge end of a belt conveyor,
on transfers and diverters used with belt conveyors, and shear point take-ups. It is not necessary
to provide guarding along the conveyor length where the belt rides on the carrying or return
rollers. Take-up mechanisms may be guarded as an entity by placing standard railings or fencing,
and warning signs around the area in lieu of guarding each of the pinch, nip, and shear points. on
overland conveyors, audible or visual (or both) signalling devices for warning conveyor initiation
shall be required only at the transfer, loading, and discharge point, or at point where employees
are normally stationed. on long overland belt conveyors where a pedestrian overpass or
underpass is required, they shall be installed at intervals consistent with usage, normally not to
exceed 1000 ft.
15.3.2 Bucket Conveyors
Guards shall be provided at points where personnel could come in contact with cables, chains,
belts and runways of exposed bucket conveyors. Inspection doors or maintenance doors or both
should include signs warning of possible danger if opened or removed while the conveyor is in
15.3.3 Chain Conveyors
Chain conveyors, have moving chains that cannot be enclosed without impairing the function.
They shall be provided with warning signs or personnel barriers, unless guarded by location.
Where a chain conveyor is raised and lowered as a transfer device, mounted within another


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