Quantcast Trolley Conveyors And Power And Free Conveyors

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Means shall be provided to allow the operator to disengage the tow pin from the conveyor pusher
without being in front of the car. Provisions shall be made to prevent runaway carts from exiting
the ramp zone and entering work areas. Ramps with traffic aisles shall have a barrier of
sufficient strength and height to prevent a runaway cart from entering the traffic aisle. Ramps
without traffic aisles shall have warning signs to warn personnel not to enter. Means shall be
provided to maintain the stopped position of a ramp conveyor or carts under maximum rated load
condition.. Where there is a projection above the floor, the projection and adjacent areas shall be
identified by appropriate diagonal stripes, or warning signs, or both. This identification shall
particularly apply to devices that project intermittently at unpredictable times.
15.3.18 Trolley Conveyors And Power And Free Conveyors
In areas where the parted chain, cable, or other linkage would permit a runaway condition on
an inclined or declined section, and where personnel are present, antirunaway devices shall be
provided. The conveyor path may be arranged so that travel of the uncontrolled conveyor will be
arrested before it enters in an area where personnel are present. In areas where personnel
perform work on the load and guards would impair their function, the loads must be cradled,
hooked, bolted, or securely attached by some means to the carrier. Nip points occur at traction
wheels, sprockets, caterpillar drives, and roller turns, and shall be guarded unless guarded by
location. The telltale effect of the moving conveyor components serves as a warning device and
permits unguarded nip points at height of less than 7 ft. Automatic stops or closures shall
prevent a trolley or trolleys from moving off the tracks during the portion of a cycle when any
track end is not aligned with it mating member. Hoisting equipment for lift section or drop
sections or both shall stop or control the vertical motion in the event of power failure. on inclined
or declined conveyors or sections, where personnel are present and there may be an occurrence of
uncontrolled movement of a free trolley, arresting devices shall be provided. A rigid pusher dog
on the power chain with positive carrier engagement shall be considered an acceptable means, or
the conveyor path may be arranged so that travel of the uncontrolled free trolley, carrier, or load,
or combination thereof, will be arrested before it enters the personnel area. Guards shall be
provided to restrict unauthorized personnel from entering hazardous loading, unloading, and
transfer areas. When guarding is not feasible, clear and legible warnings shall be provided.
Access to lift or drop sections shall be guarded to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering
the area. Warning signs shall be posted where guarding is not feasible, unless access to lift or
drop sections is guarded by location. Where conveyors are located above personnel and the
possibility exists that the transported product may fall off from any cause, guards (spill guards)
shall be provided.


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