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16.1.4 Applicable Safety Standards
There is no safety standard written specifically for this type of equipment. Section 5
GENERAL SAFETY STANDARDS ANSI/ASME B20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors and
Related Equipment and ANSI A10.5 Safety Requirements for Material Hoists could be used for
16.1.5 Inspection Interval
The inspection interval should be determined by the application of the equipment and the
environment in which it works. It is recommended that these devices be inspected every month
but not less than bimonthly.
16.2.1 General Safety Precautions
Visually inspect the crane's runway and adjacent storage racks for personnel and/or objects in
the aisle or protruding from the storage bins. Determine that all loose items such as tools or
materials are removed from the carriage before attempting operation. Inspect the crane's controls
for any markings or other methods indicating that the crane is not to be operated. Such markings
may mean that the crane is inoperative or in the process of being repaired. Place a sign on the
disconnect switch stating that the crane is being inspected. Determine that all the guards are in
16.2.2 Enclosure
Determine that the cab enclosure is structurally sound and securely fastened. Examine
lighting fixtures to determine whether they are securely fastened and have required protection.
Determine that sufficient illumination is provided. Determine that a fire extinguisher is properly
mounted and available. Open the cab gate and determine that the cab will not move with gate
open. Determine that a seat belt is provided for the cab operator. Determine that a lifeline is
provided for the cab operator if evacuation is necessary, from the crane, when in an elevated
16.2.3 Operation
Check controls for proper identification. (See Figure 16-5). Depress the stop switch and note
whether the crane will operate. Movement of the joystick should not move the crane unless both
foot switches and the hand


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