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16.4.3 Gear Case
Check the gear case for proper oil level, using the visual oil indicator. The oil level should not
exceed the level indicator. If the gear case is overfilled, it will not retain the excessive oil and
will leak onto other components. (See Figure 16-10). Check the gear for excessive backlash and
possible excessive shaft end play.
16.4.4 Wheels
Check the aisle drive wheel for cracks or chipping. Inspect the wheels for flat spots and any
unusual wear patterns or markings. Inspect the wheel bearings for adequate lubrication.
16.4.5 Magnetorque Load Brake
The magnetorque load brake transmits braking force by means of electromagnetic fields. (See
Figure 16-10). There are no mechanical connections between the rotating unit and stationary
members. At periodic intervals, depending on the operating environment, the magnetorque must
be either vacuumed or blown out with dry, compressed air (50 psi maximum) to remove
accumulated dirt and dust in the interior. Determine that the ventilation openings are clear.
Determine that no dirt or dust has accumulated in the interior. Check the bearings for proper
16.4.6 Inspection of Motor Brake
The aisle drive system employs a disc-type motor brake as a holding brake. This brake is
spring set and electrically released. No lubrication is required on these brakes. Oil or any other
lubricant applied to parts of the brake may interfere with proper, safe operation of the brake,
especially if the oil comes in contact with the disc plates, back plates or friction discs. Check the
brake for evidence of mechanical failures, misalignment or other defects. Check that the friction
discs are clean, free of oil, and not excessively worn. Examine the discs for signs of warpage and
for reduced size due to wear. Discs worn to approximately 3/16 inch thick or less must be
16.5.1 General
The controller is a cabinet with a locked cover or door. It contains an assembly of devices for
starting, stopping, accelerating or decelerating a drive. They regulate the power delivered to a
motor or other equipment. The relays, fuses and other protective devices are also mounted in the


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