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NOTE: Paragraphs identified with a vertical. line in the left margin are inspections that
should be made by Certified Vertical Transportation Equipment Inspectors only.
17.1.1 Scope
The inspection of box conveyors included in this chapter is not only an inspection of all safety
related functions, but puts heavy emphasis on an inspection to determine the condition of the
equipment and identify areas that need improvement. Proper maintenance is needed to keep the
conveying systems operating in an efficient manner. When preventive maintenance is lacking,
shutdowns will occur. The design and application of these devices give the user only limited
access to the operating equipment. Therefore, user safety considerations are quite limited. This
chapter will identify these safety items, as well as performance considerations. See Figures 17-1
and 17-2, which show various box conveyor arrangements with component names that will be
used in this chapter.
17.1.2 Use
Box Conveyors are generally used to transport small loads (20 pounds or less) from place to
place in either a vertical or horizontal direction. The systems can be as simple as two stations or
as complex as several hundred interconnected stations. The devices are found in a number of
hospitals and in some office buildings. They carry a variety of items such as supplies, mail,
records, drugs, etc. There are two basic types of box conveyors that will be discussed in this
chapter. Because of the major difference between the two, we will address the inspection of each
17.1.3 Applicable Safety Standards
There is no safety standard written specifically for this type of equipment. Section 5,
GENERAL SAFETY STANDARDS ANSI/ASME B20.1 Safety Standards for Conveyors and
Related Equipment, could be used as guidance for the mechanical aspects, while NFPA 101-Life
Safety Code is used for building penetration requirements. These devices can penetrate
horizontally as well as vertically.


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