Quantcast Inspection Made In Overhead Machinery Space

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17.2.7 System Operation
Usually the inspector will not have to check out the operating system. The user will do that
for him/her during the normal course of everyday use. He/she should however, review service
records and solicit comments from the user to determine if there have been problems. These
specific areas can then be investigated. The inspector should periodically check any stations that
are not in heavy use. This should be done in both a receiving and sending situation. Good
maintenance care is for the entire system, not just the areas of heavy use.
17.3.1 General Description
The selective vertical box conveyor provides continuous, automatic load and unload
capability, transporting containers at speeds of 70 feet per minute. Loading and unloading
stations at each floor served provide interselective service between floors. See Figure 17-13 for
typical operator view of conveyor with description. The conveyor is a continuous chain with
open bottom cars that are equally spaced along the chain. The boxes are loaded on the up side of
the chain movement and unloaded on the down side. A container is loaded through the open
entrance onto a loading platform. A destination call is registered on the station control panel. As
the next open car approaches the entrance, the loading platform extends toward the chain and the
car, which straddles the platform and picks up the container. The container will travel to the top
of the chain and descend down on the discharge side of the conveyor. When it approaches its
destination and the unloading platform is moved into place, the platform will pick up the
container and move it to the open unloading entrance. Gravity will cause the container to move
off the platform and deposit it on the unloading shelf. Figure 17-14 will diagrammatically show
this sequence.
17.3.2 Inspection Made In Overhead Machinery Space
(See Figure 17-15.) Overhead Drive System. The drive mechanism is located at the top of the Selective
Vertical Conveyor, mounted in structural steel framework. It is supported by the building
structure and equipped with an oiler to lubricate the drive chain. The drive chain is constructed
of heat treated steel with pins, bushings and rollers. The chain design safety factor is seven (7)
times the maximum carrying load of the application. The chain is suspended in a continuous
loop from the main drive sprocket. The inspector should examine the lubrication system to
assure proper amounts are being dispensed.


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