Quantcast Inspection Made At Each Landing

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d. Gear problems are detected by examining the wear pattern on the gear. This will show that
the gear is not properly aligned with the worm, causing the point of contact to be not in the
proper position or that the gear is bottoming or contacting the worm shaft. Excessive heat
damage, most likely caused by low oil or break down of oil, can also be detected. It is indicated
by pock marks in the face of the gear tooth or teeth. They resemble casting defect marks.
e. Examine the motor to see that terminal connections are tight. Connections not properly
made may result in poor electrical conduction and points of resistance. This condition creates
f. Also check to see that the leads are not broken or their insulation is not cracked or broken.
Improper adjustments can force motor winding to carry more current, which produces heat that
will cause insulation to deteriorate.
g. Examine the motor windings to see that they are free of oil, dust, or lint deposits. Cars. Cars fabricated of steel are connected to the chain at equal intervals. Steel rail
sections, on either side of the car, guide vertically moving cars and are secured to provide lateral
and vertical support on each floor. The inspector should examine the guide rollers on each car.
Worn or damaged rollers cause shutdowns. Also, each car should be checked for damage.
17.3.3 Inspection Made At Each Landing
(See Figure 17-16) Entrance. Each entrance has stainless steel vertical sliding fire rated doors with keyed
locks. These doors are equipped with heat activated fusible links, allowing the door to close in
the event of a building fire. During normal operation, the fire rated doors remain open.
Examine each door to be sure that it will close in its intended manner when the need arises.
Close attention should be given to guiding tracks, springs and latches. Dirt can easily accumulate
in these areas and prevent doors from closing properly. Load-Unload Devices. These devices are mechanically operated and subject to wear.
Close examination should be given to all hinging points to see that they are properly lubricated.
The inspector should observe the operation of each device to assure proper operation is being
maintained. Be sure to check all fastenings.


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