Quantcast Inspection Made In The Pit

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Custom Search Unloading Table. This should be examined for worn rollers. Rollers not operating can
cause a container to not unload properly. The table should be checked for general public hazards,
such as sharp edges or protruding screws. Control Stations. Each station should be examined to see that all devices are
functioning in their intended manner.
17.3.4 Inspection Made In The Pit
(See Figure 17-17). The take-up pit is located at the bottom of the conveyor and is composed
of a fixed and movable steel structure. The fixed frame anchors and aligns the bottom structure
and provides lateral and vertical guidance for the movable frame. Rubber in-shear isolator pads
shall be provided at all drive and take-up mounting points. The movable frame is equipped with
an adjustable compression spring to keep the conveyor chain taut at all time. This movable
frame should be kept clean so that it may move. Continuous tension is required on the drive
chain to assure proper operation. Spring fastening and adjustments should also be checked.
17.3.5 System Operation
Usually the inspectors will not have to check out the operating system. The user will do that
for him during the normal course of everyday use. He should, however, review service records
and solicit comments from the user to determine if there have been problems. These specific
areas can then be investigated.


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