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1.1.1 SCOPE. This manual contains maintenance procedures applicable to Navy
fleet mooring components and systems. Coverage includes the types of mooring
hardware, mooring equipment installation, inspection, recovery, repair, overhaul,
and refurbishment.
M a n u a l content is extended to include other related
information and data in support of the maintenance activities such as requirements
f o r reports and records; storage and disposition of components; inventory
m a n a g e m e n t and control; and planning, programming, and budgeting the
Procedures are also provided for reporting fleet mooring conditions,
relocations, and accidents.
Chapter 1.0 discusses fleet moorings in general,
describes various types of buoy systems and their applications, and briefly outlines
overall fleet mooring maintenance actions.
Subsequent chapters provide the
detailed procedures and instructions for the installation, recovery, and maintenance
of fleet mooring components.
Descriptions of fleet mooring components are
contained in Appendix B. A glossary of fleet mooring terms is provided in Appendix
1.1.2 PURPOSE. This manual is intended to serve as a standard guide for the
maintenance of fleet moorings. It is a standard guide in that an allowable margin
of freedom or variation in the application of the maintenance procedures is
permitted if unusual environmental conditions, adverse physical factors, and/or
nonavailability of support equipment so dictate.
1.1.3 EXCLUSIONS. Fleet mooring design is not addressed in this manual. Refer to
NAVFACENGCOM design manuals DM-26.5, "Fleet Moorings," and DM-26.6,
"Mooring Design Physical and Empirical Data, " for design guidance, as necessary. In
a d d i t i o n , the following types of moorings/buoys are not considered in this


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