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Fixed moorings including platforms, islands, dolphins, spud moorings,
and other similar types defined in DM-26.4, "Fixed Moorings."
Fuel transfer buoys (known as single anchor leg moorings (SALMs) or
catenary anchor leg moorings (CALMS)).
Floating drydocks, etc., including Auxiliary Repair Drydocks Medium
Navigational aids.
1.1.4 RELATED PUBLICATIONS. The following publications are associated with
mooring maintenance as presented in this manual:
Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Earth Structures
Coastal Sedimentation and Dredging
Fixed Moorings
Fleet Moorings
Mooring Design Physical and Empirical Data
Drydocking Facilities
Design requirements and other related data such as determining forces acting on
m o o r i n g components or computing anchor chain subassembly lengths are
contained in DM-26.5 and DM-26.6.
1.1.5 PROGRAM RESPONSIBILITY. Responsibility for the Navy fleet mooring
maintenance program has been assigned to the Commander, Naval Facilities
Engineering Command (COMNAVFACENGCOM), and encompasses budgeting,
f u n d i n g , procuring, installing, maintaining, and repairing fleet moorings. (In
general, this policy is not applicable to moorings which are a part of the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)). To support, control, and manage this
w o r l d w i d e system, CO MN AVFACENGCOM established the Fleet Mooring
Maintenance (FMM) program to ensure the following:


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