Quantcast Planning,Program and Budgeting

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That existing fleet moorings are maintained in a suitable condition
for their intended use.
That maintenance is conducted in a timely manner and that this be
accomplished by:
- Planning and scheduling required actions.
- Centrally procuring required mooring material.
- Establishing an automated Fleet Mooring Inventory control
Reductions in mooring maintenance costs should be realized and
this will be accomplished by replacing (over the next few years)
existing moorings with upgraded moorings consisting of:
- Polyurethane covered foam buoys,
- Grade 3 (FM 3) chain and accessories,
- High capacity anchors, and
- Chain stud anode cathodic protection systems.
Future maintenance actions for upgraded moorings will be based on the results of
mooring inspections and not on a specified periodic basis.
1.1.6 PLANNING, PROGRAMMING, AND BUDGETING. Shore activities responsible
for the maintenance of fleet moorings must advise COMNAVFACENGCOM, through
their cognizant Engineering Field Division (EFD), of mooring material requirements
for the repair or overhaul of fleet moorings and the O&MN funding required to
support maintenance labor and equipment costs. These requirements will be
consolidated by the EFDs, and a request will be submitted to COMNAVFACENGCOM
for the funds required to support the fleet mooring maintenance budget. In
addition, the following requirements apply:
Procurement. All new mooring material will be centrally procured by
COMNAVFACENGCOM and will be shipped initially to one of three major


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