Quantcast Inspections and Maintenance Planning

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on a routine basis, costs may be higher than need be because action is
taken sooner than required.
On the other hand, if maintenance is
performed without regard for inspection results, the importance of a
particular inspection may be diminished in the inspector's view. If this
happens, even critical repair requirements may be overlooked.
Inspections and Maintenance Planning. The importance of inspection
results as a maintenance planning tool will increase as more long-life
upgraded moorings are introduced into the system (see Paragraph 1.2.3).
These moorings are designed to remain in service for extended periods of
t i m e , thus making possible a reduction in expenditures for both
maintenance and new material.
I f the improved components are
regularly replaced on a schedule, based on the maintenance needs of
older components, then overall mooring maintenance costs will surely
A well planned and aggressively managed maintenance
program, supported by a comprehensive inspection plan, is the most
effective way to keep costs down while continuing to provide reliable
service to the fleet.


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