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Figure 1-3. Spread Mooring
piles. Figure 1-4 depicts a typical Mediterranean mooring. Tenders are
moored in this fashion to allow simultaneous nesting of submarines or
destroyers along both the port and starboard sides.
Buoy Dolphins. Dolphins simulate a longer pier to accommodate larger
ships breasted alongside a pier or alongside one or more finger piers by
acting as bow and stern moorings. Dolphins may consist of a group of
pilings driven close together into the bottom or may employ a buoy
system. When buoy systems are used as dolphins they are called buoy
dolphins (see Figure 1-5).
Special Mooring. A specialized mooring is structured in a nonstandard
c o n f i g u r a t i o n and is designed either to satisfy a unique mooring
application or to meet a specific operational requirement. Examples of
special moorings are:


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