Quantcast Types of Buoy Systems

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1.2.5 MAJOR FLEET MOORING ASSEMBLIES. A typical fleet mooring is made up of
Each buoy system in turn consists of a specific
one or more buoy systems.
combination of the four basic assemblies listed below.
Buoy assembly, which includes the following:
Hull subassembly.
Fender subassembly.
Chafing strip subassembly.
Chain assembly, which includes the following:
Riser subassembly.
Anchor chain subassembly.
Anchor assembly.
Cathodic protection assembly.
Moorings which do not require a buoy will, of course, consist only of the chain,
anchor, and cathodic protection assemblies.
1.2.6 TYPES OF BUOY SYSTEMS. Although there are many specific buoy system
designs, there are only two basic types of buoy systems: riser and non-riser. Each of
these types is defined by the configuration of the anchor, chain, and buoy
assemblies which make up the buoy system.
Riser Buoy System. This system consists of a hawsepipe or tension bar
type buoy, a riser chain subassembly (which includes a ground ring),
anchor chain subassemblies, and anchors. The single riser connects the
buoy to the ground ring located about 10 feet above the bottom. Two,
three, or four anchor chains run from the ground ring to the anchors (see
Figure l-l).


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