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2.1.1 GENERAL. This chapter describes methods for installing and recovering
moorings in sheltered waters and provides the general procedures for
Installation and recovery of both riser and non-riser
accomplishing these tasks.
buoy systems are covered.
Procedures set forth may be modified to suit local
environmental conditions and/or material constraints, or to accommodate a special
mooring design. The procedures developed herein assume that the tasks will be
accomplished using a floating crane or crane barge for installation and recovery.
2.1.2 PLANNING AND PREPARATION. Development of a plan is a necessary
r e q u i r e m e n t prior to commencing operations. The plan should include the
equipment needed and the procedures necessary for accomplishment of the task.
Design drawings, as well as materials required, should also be included. Recovery
plans should take into account the as-built drawings. The plan should be prepared
well enough in advance to allow riggers, crane and barge operators, design
Prior to
e n g i n e e r s , and others to review and comment on the details.
commencement of offshore operations, all persons involved should understand the
general sequence of events that will occur and their specific responsibilities in the
effort. The plan should also take into consideration the following:
Preparation. Thorough preparation is one of the principal keys to a
successful mooring installation or recovery operation. Proper ashore
preparations will ensure that offshore operations will be expeditiously
and efficiently carried out. As examples:
A floating crane will be provided for the installation or recovery of
T h e size and placement of required
m o o r i n g components.
temporary padeyes must be determined and action taken to install
these padeyes on the deck of the barge.


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