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Physical fit checks of all mooring materials should be accomplished
to ensure proper assembly of the mooring in accordance with
design specifications.
If being installed, chain stud anodes should be attached to the chain
prior to moving the material offshore. After anode installation,
caution must be taken in handling the chain to preclude damage to
or Ioss of the anodes.
Environmental Factors.
Since offshore operations can be strongly
influenced by environmental conditions, plans should be made flexible
enough to allow for unexpected delays due to inclement weather or
rough seas.
2.1.3 TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT REQUIRED. The floating crane or other suitable
platform will be stocked with all tools needed not only for the planned operation,
but also for any field modifications or in place repairs that may be required. Tools,
equipment, and materials for the effort should include the following items:
Welding and cutting equipment.
High-pressure seawater pump (100 psi) or a water blaster.
Spare parts (e.g., locking pins, punches, retaining pellets, etc.). A good
source is BUSHIPS No. 52603-840327.
Lubricants, preservative greases, coatings, etc.
2.1.4 PRE-INSTALLATION LAYOUT. Mooring components will be laid out on the
c r a n e barge, prior to offshore operations, in an arrangement governed by
procedures established for installation of the mooring. Chains shall be placed so
that they will readily pay out during a controlled installation. Figure 2-1 illustrates a
typical mooring material/component layout on a crane barge. The mooring should
be assembled on the barge to the maximum extent possible prior to departing for
installation operations to minimize assembly activity offshore.


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