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2.1.5 PRE-INSTALLATION POSITIONING. A mooring is designed for installation at a
specific site. The characteristics of the site (e.g., water depth, bottom conditions)
will determine the mooring design features such as length of riser and anchor chain
subassemblies and fluke angle of the anchor. It is important, therefore, that the
mooring be placed in the location for which it was designed, since a misplaced
mooring would require the expense and effort of reinstalling the entire system.
Equipment used for positioning the mooring is described below.
Figure 2-1. Typical Layout of Mooring Equipment Aboard a Crane Barge
Marker Buoys. To ensure that the mooring is installed in the right
location and that the anchor chain assemblies are properly orientated,
marker buoys should be placed at the desired points at the site before
installation begins. A center marker buoy will be used to indicate the
position of the buoy; ring markers will be used to indicate anchor
and range markers will be used to assist in anchor chain
subassembly orientation (see Figure 2-2). Correct placement of anchors
will ensure that the anchor legs are straight and taut. Range buoys may


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