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2.1.6 PRE-INSTALLATION INSPECTION. A final inspection shall be made of all
mooring material before any item leaves the storage area or prior to the material
being laid out on the crane barge deck. This will include a check of all chain
connections, joining links, and other fittings for proper and secure assembly.
2.1.7 FIELD CHANGES OF DESIGN. Moorings are usually designed for a specific
application at a specific site. The chain size, anchor weight, anchor fluke angle,
length of anchor chain subassemblies, length of riser chain, buoy size, and other
factors have been determined based on the holding power requirements and
planned location of the mooring.
Field changes to design specifications and
planned installation procedures should not be made without approval of the
cognizant design engineer because incorrect actions could adversely affect the
performance and reliability of the mooring.
The choice of the type, size, and configuration of anchors is a design
consideration for a particular mooring or a particular mooring location. Recent
work in mooring design by the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme,
California, has resulted in a much better understanding of anchor holding capacity.
This information is incorporated in DM-26.6 and is not presented here. The
important consideration is that anchor selection is a complex design problem and
that small changes to items such as fluke angle, stabilizer length, and orientation
when placed on the bottom, can drastically affect the holding capacity of the
2.1.8 AS-BUILT DRAWINGS. Accurate as-built records (such as shown in Figure 2-3)
m u s t be maintained on all installed moorings. As-built drawings should be
prepared immediately following the installation, and copies shall be submitted to


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