Quantcast Pull Testing o f Anchors

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ground ring, riser, and buoy into the water alongside the center
marker buoy.
The crane barge will slowly lower the third anchor chain
subassembly while proceeding toward the third ring marker. This
ring marker and its range marker should be used to ensure that the
chain is being installed in a straight line.
When approaching the ring marker buoy, pull the anchor until the
chain leg is taut and then lower the anchor (in a bridle with the
flukes pointed downward) to the bottom and release it using the
quick release mechanism (see Figure 2-7).
Conduct a final inspection of the mooring. Site the three crown
marker buoys from ashore. The positions of these three markers
will be the positions of the anchors. If available, have divers make
an underwater inspection of the mooring installation.
Remove all marker buoys with their cables and anchors.
Pull Testing o f Anchors. Procedures for pull testing anchors are
contained in Appendix E. Fleet moorings will be pull tested to the
holding capacity of the mooring class listed in Table 1-1.
Installation Barge. Whenever possible, the YD or similar barge type craft
to be used for mooring installation should be equipped with two stern
winches to be used for pulling on kedge anchors. The installation barge
should have the capability to anchor itself.


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