Quantcast Figure 2-10. One Leg Stoppered Off

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Figure 2-10. One Leg Stoppered Off
Attach a retrieval buoy to each of the other two subassemblies. The third
subassembly and the ground ring will be considered together. Fake the
retriever buoy lines on deck to allow easy running.
Cut one subassembly free from the ground ring one link below the chain
joining link. Allow the chain to drop and retriever buoy to run free and
over the side.
Repeat with the other leg that has a retriever buoy attached. Lower the
ground ring on deck (see Figure 2-1 1). Disassemble the chain joining
link, if possible, and disconnect the ground ring from the subassembly.
Sling the chain to the main hoist, raise and remove the stopper.
Continue raising until the next chain joining link is above deck.


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