Quantcast Figure 3-3. Pitting/Rusting on the Side of a Buoy

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Condition of fiberglass on fiberglass-coated buoys. (Fiberglass
should be inspected and any cracks, wear, peeling, or rust bleeding
Condition of paint on painted buoys. (Paint should be checked for
cracking, chipping, and/or peeling.)
Condition of water drains and buoy surface penetrations. (Examine
for broken parts, surface rust, and surface pitting.) (See Figure 3-3.)
Figure 3-3. Pitting/Rusting on the Side of a Buoy
Condition of fenders and chafing strips. (Check for physical
integrity and secure connections to the buoy's surface.
F e n d e r / c h a f i n g strip brackets or studs will be inspected for
corrosion and/or cracks.)
B  UOY Location. If it is suspected that a mooring has been dragged from
its desired geographic location, the current position of its buoy will be


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