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discontinued in favor of underwater diver inspections and will no longer be
conducted. To avoid disturbing the anchors, a mooring should be lifted only when
the buoy and/or riser chain require repair or replacement, or when the mooring is
being completely removed.
3.2.5 MOORING DAMAGE/FAILURE INSPECTIONS. Fleet moorings can be damaged
by collisions or dragged out of position by heavy winds or seas. They can also fail
because of broken mooring components. An inspection of mooring damage, drag,
or failure should be conducted as soon as possible after detection. If a collision has
occurred, then the purpose of the inspection is to determine the extent of the
damage and whether the buoy is in danger of sinking. If the buoy is found to have
hull damage and is in danger of sinking, a marker buoy should immediately be
attached to it so that the buoy's position will be marked in the event that it sinks.
Arrangements should then be made to recover the buoy at the earliest opportunity
so that repairs can be accomplished. If the buoy is undamaged, but the mooring has
been pulled off location, arrangements should be made to recover the mooring and
reinstall it in its proper position.
Inspection Procedures. Inspection will include the following:
Visual inspection of the buoy's hull and associated fenders for
damage (dents, broken fenders, scrapes, hull punctures, etc.).
Check for buoy drag and the excursion of the entire mooring (new
positions should be sighted from known benchmarks ashore and
Check for riser chain failures which will cause buoys to float free
from their intended position. Free floating buoys should either be
towed to shore or temporarily attached to an anchor.
Documentation. The results of the damage inspection shall be fully
documented. In all cases of damage or suspected damage to a fleet


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