Quantcast Buoy Repairs and Modifications

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Pitting Factor =
Deepest Metal Penetration
Average Metal Penetration
A pitting factor of "one" represents uniform corrosion. The larger the
number, the greater the depth of penetration. Pits will be rated in terms
of density, size, and depth.
Welds. Carefully check all welds, both internal and external, for cracks or
If any cracks, fissures, or other flaws are found or are
suspected, then a liquid dye penetrant or magnetic particle test will be
performed to determine the extent of the defects.
Air Test. Air test each chamber/compartment in the buoy. Maintain 2 psi
d e s i g n pressure in each compartment for 30 to 45 minutes (see
Paragraph for procedures).
Documentation. The results of all inspections (both preliminary and
detailed) will be fully documented and filed for future reference. If a
buoy or its components are found to be in unsatisfactory condition, the
inspection results should be used in planning and estimating future
repair or replacement material requirements and associated labor costs.
Replacement components should
be requested from
5.3.1 GENERAL. Steel buoy repairs and modifications will include manhole cover
replacement, test plug and aperture maintenance, fender and chafing strip repairs,
welding requirements, and air pressure testing of the buoys.
5.3.2 PROCEDURES. Buoy repair and modification will be accomplished as
described below.
M a n h o l e cover replacement will be
Manhole Cover Replacement.
accomplished as follows:


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