Quantcast Test Plugs and Hull Apertures

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Each manhole cover will be replaced on the opening from
which it was originally removed. Match marks made on
cover and deck plate prior to removal will facilitate its
replacement in the correct location and position.
Clean and lubricate the studs and use chaser nuts where required.
Replace old gasket with a new l/8-inch silicone rubber gasket held
in place with RTV silicone gasket adhesive sealant (M IL-A-46106);
apply sealant only to bottom surface of gasket.
Lift manhole cover by the extension lip and position it over studs.
Exercise care in lowering the cover on the studs so that stud
threads and gasket are not damaged.
Lower manhole cover on studs.
Secure cover bolts. Tighten in at least three steps using an opposite
bolt tightening sequence. Apply final 45-foot-pounds of torque.
Test Plugs and Hull Apertures. Clean and check test plug threads before
placement of the plugs in the hull apertures. Teflon sealant tape should
be applied to the threads to ensure a watertight seal.
Fenders and Chafing Strips. Overhauled steel buoys will be provided
rubber fenders and chafing strips. In most cases, this will require removal
of the wooden fenders and their channeling, and the wooden chafing


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