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5.4.1 PREPARATION FOR APPLICATION. -Preparation of buoys for application of
protective coatings will include the following:
Remove fenders, chain links, steelplates, etc. from the mooring buoy.
When possible, open buoy manhole and check the interior of the buoy
for rust and water damage.
Examine hull for areas that may need repair or replacement.
Pits found that are 3/16 of an inch deep or more will be filled with clad-
welding or epoxy repair compounds conforming with MI L-C-24176 and in
accordance with the applicable sections of the Naval Ships Technical
Manual, NAVSEA S9086-AA-STM-000.
Buoys which are fiberglassed should have a steel reinforcing ring welded
around the outside edge of the manhole opening if one is not already
present. The purpose of the ring is to provide a clean, secure surface on
which to seat the manhole cover gasket as well as to reinforce the buoy
deck. The ring should be of l/2-inch steelplate and should extend a
minimum of two inches outward from the edge of the manhole opening.
if a ring is not used, then the manhole opening must be welded closed
using flush steel plates which are reinforced on the underside by steel
backup strips. If this is the case, the buoy will have to be cut open for
subsequent inspections.
Do not apply paints or fiberglass coatings to the
top surface of the reinforcing ring.


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