Quantcast Fiberglass Polyester Resin (FPR) Coating Repairs

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Commence with the first FPR lamination, which consists of the polyester
resin and chopped fiberglass mat (M IL-M-43248). Accomplish lamination
as follows:
Apply the mat to the pre-coated surface and roll or squeeze to
remove all Iumps and air bubbles.
Lay on additional polyester resin until the mat is thoroughly wet.
Roll or squeeze until smooth, adding additional resin as necessary.
Immediately after the first lamination apply three additional
laminations, as follows, to give a maximum dry film thickness of 3/16 of
an inch.
One lamination of fiberglass woven roving (MI L-C-19663) will be
applied in a manner similar to the initial lamination.
Apply one lamination of fiberglass mat.
Apply one lamination of fiberglass woven roving.
Adjacent portions of mat or woven roving in
all laminates shall overlap a minimum of 2
inches to a maximum of 6 inches.
Apply additional polyester resin coatings for each successive
lamination before and after the individual lamination
reinforcement. The reinforcement will be rolled and squeegeed as
in the initial lamination, and the polyester resin will be added and
distributed, as needed, before starting the next lamination.


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