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The two components of all MI L-P-24441 coatings should be mixed in
equal volume by first thoroughly stirring each component separately and
After mixing, there should be a waiting
then stirring them together.
period of about 2 hours at 500 to 60F; 1 to 1 1/2 hours at 60 to 70F;
and 1/2 to 1 hour above 70 before applying the coating to ensure
complete curing later. The mixed paints do not require thinning, but the
low temperature application properties can be improved by adding 10
percent, by volume, of a mixture of equal parts of n-butyl alcohol and
AMSCO Super High Flash Naphtha, or an equivalent mixture.
Usual paint spray equipment, either conventional or airless, can be used. The pot
life of the mixed coating is about 6 hours at 73F. If more than 7 days elapse
between epoxy coats, the surface should be cleaned with water and detergent,
rinsed with fresh water, dried, and then a tack coat (1 to 2 roils wet film thickness) of
the last coat applied before application of the next full coat.
The above coating system, when properly applied, will provide at least 3 to 5
years of protection, depending upon the severity of the environment. Experience
has shown that an antifouling paint is usually unnecessary because fouling will not
damage the coating, add a significant amount of weight to the buoy, or otherwise
adversely affect the mooring. In addition, the effective life of antifouling paint is
usually much shorter than the time between buoy overhauls, so that significant
fouling will still occur before the next overhaul. Should an antifouling paint be
desired for the underwater portion of the buoy, MIL-P-15931, Formula 121/63,
applied in two coats, is recommended. The antifouling paint, which is red, must be
applied while the topcoat of epoxy (M IL-P-24441, Formula 152) is still tacky (within 4
to 6 hours after its application). If the epoxy has hardened, a tack coat (1 to 2 roils
wet film thickness) must be applied and allowed to cure for 4 hours before the first
coat of antifouling paint is applied.


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