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Classify chain and accessories as good, fair, or poor according to the
criteria described in Paragraph 6.2.2 below. All material in good or fair
condition will undergo a detailed inspection before it is recoated and
Any material classified in poor
returned to inventory for future use.
condition (wire diameter less than 80 percent of original size, cracked or
deformed, etc.) is unsuitable for future use and should be disposed of
through normal channels.
Isolated links in poor condition may be cut from a length of chain to
salvage the usable portion. In such cases the remaining links must all be
carefully examined during the subsequent detailed inspection.
6 . 2 . 2 D E T A I L E D I N S P E C T I O N . After the preliminary inspection, (if it is
r e c o m m e n d e d that a detailed inspection be performed), the chain will be
sandblasted in accordance with the latest edition of the "Steel Structures Painting
Manual, Vol. II, Systems and Specifications, " Specification SSPC-SP-6. Detailed
inspection of chain and its accessories will include the following:
Take single link caliper measurements of the wear areas at the ends of
the chain links and accessories (anchor joining links, shackles, chain
joining links, etc. (see Figure 6-l). The condition of the chain will be
determined as follows:
90% or greater of original wire diameter measured.
80-90% of original wire diameter measured.
80% or Iess of original wire diameter measured.
Carefully inspect each accessory or chain link for cracks, corrosion,
e l o n g a t i o n or other deformations, and other abnormalities. Any


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