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c o m p o n e n t s containing cracks, deformations, or severe localized
corrosion will be classified in "poor" condition.
Material in good or fair condition should be recoated, tagged, and
M a t e r i a l in poor condition is
r e t u r n e d to the inventory for use.
unsatisfactory for use in fleet moorings and should be discarded.
Isolated links in poor condition may be cut from a length of chain to
salvage the portions in good or fair condition.
Keep shackles and joining links together as complete units (including
C o a t the mating surfaces of the joining links and swivels with a
molybdenum disulfide grease (M IL-G-23549) or an equivalent lithium
The results of all inspections (both preliminary and
based grease.
d e t a i l e d ) will be fully documented and filed for future reference.
Inspection results should be used in planning and estimating future
repair or replacement requirements and associated labor costs.
6.2.3 PROTECTIVE COATINGS. Application of protective coatings should be
performed as follows:
Spray, dip, or brush the abrasive blasted chain with an approved rust
preventative (MI L-C-16173 Grade 11 1).
Place the chain on a clean surface to dry.
Coating operations should be avoided on cold,
damp days.


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