Quantcast Figure 8-1. Buoy Anode

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however, is exposed to sea water and must be protected. This is accomplished by
attaching one chain stud anode on either side of the exposed portion of the tension
Figure 8-1. Buoy Anode
8.2.3 INSTALLATION OF ANODES. Buoy anodes are usually installed while the
buoys are being overhauled ashore. Replacement can also be accomplished at a
mooring site during a regularly scheduled maintenance inspection by lifting the
buoy out of the water and removing and replacing the anodes while the buoy is on
deck. Whether the installation of the buoy anodes are on the bottom, in a sea
chest, or within a protective cage, a pair of angle iron brackets are installed which
will support each buoy anode. The brackets are welded directly to the buoy hull
and generally have threaded fittings for simple anode installation and replacement.


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