Quantcast Table 8-1. Chain Stud Anode Screw Assembly

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Table 8-1. Chain Stud Anode Screw Assembly
Screw Length
1 1/4
1 1/4
1 3/4
1 1/2
1 3/4
2 1/4
1 3/4
2 1/2
2 3/4
2 1/4
3 1/2
2 1/4
Link Anode. This design incorporates an elongated chain link which is an
in-line component of the mooring. The anode (see Figure 8-5) consists of
approximately 500 pounds of zinc cast onto the chain link. If the chain is
in tension, the electrical connection to the mooring chain is provided by
the exposed metal-to-metal surfaces in the grip area of the links. A
modification of the link anode incorporates a wire rope which provides
the electrical continuity throughout the chain when the links are not in
Clump Anode. This anode is similar in configuration to a small sinker
weight. The required amount of zinc is cast around a steel "hairpin" and
attached to the chain with a standard sinker shackle or with modified
attachment hardware.


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