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Figure 8-5. Link Anode Design
This anode also requires the use of a wire rope, which is woven through the chain to
provide electrical continuity. Wire clips or hose clamps are used to connect the wire
rope to the anodes and to the chain links.
8.3.2 INSTALLATION. For proper operation of the cathodic protection system, the
anodes, wire ropes, and fittings should be free of paint, grease, dirt, or coatings.
The wire ropes and fittings will be catholically protected by the anodes. A cathodic
protection system installation can be most easily and economically accomplished at
the time of the regularly scheduled mooring overhaul and prior to installation of
the mooring system.
Chain Stud Anode. This type anode is attached to each stud in the chain
link. The attachment will normally be accomplished by the chain
manufacturer. However, divers or ashore personnel may be required to
replace missing or deteriorated anodes. Installation requires bolting the
proper anode to the chain link stud as previously shown in Figure 8-4. In
some cases new chain shots may be shipped with the studs drilled for
these anodes, but with anodes not installed. In these cases, the threaded
holes will be lubricated with an electrically conductive graphite lubricant
(VV-G-671) to reduce the probability of corrosion, and the hole fitted
with a steel screw to prevent it from being filled with coating material
(see Figure 8-6). The lubricant will not degrade the cathodic protection
system and does not have to be cleaned out before installing the anode.


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