Quantcast Figure 8-6. Protecting Drilled Studs

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Figure 8-6. Protecting Drilled Studs
Link Anode. Link anodes are installed between lengths of chain with two
chain joining links (see Figure 8-7). The installation must be completed
onshore or on the crane barge before the mooring is installed. A reliable
electrical path is normally provided by a wire rope continuity cable
clamped to the Iink portion of the anode and attached to the chain as
described in Paragraph
C l u m p Anode. Clump anodes are usually installed ashore during
mooring overhaul. The anode is attached to the chain with wire rope
(see Figure 8-8). To provide an electrical path from the anode to the
chain, a wire rope continuity cable must be clipped or clamped to the
anode's hairpin and attached to the chain as described in the following
Wire Rope. The wire rope, used to provide the electrical continuity, is
normally 5/8- to 3/4-inch-diameter galvanized steel. Wire ropes of these
diameters have the strength characteristics needed for this purpose, and
yet are flexible enough for interweaving through the chain links. The
wire rope should be interwoven through every fourth link in a shot and


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