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attached to every eighth link with a hose clamp, wire clip, or U-bolt. Prior to
attaching the continuity wire to the chain link, part of the link must be cleaned to
bare metal so that the chain link and the continuity wire have good metal-to-metal
contact. This is important for a sound electrical connection.
8.3.3 ANODE REPLACEMENT. An anode should be replaced if less than 25 percent
Replacement should be accomplished by trained
of its original weight remains.
personnel, and equipment and materials should be on hand, both ashore and on
crane barges, to support this activity. Replacement of chain stud anodes can easily
be handled by divers. However, replacement of in-line link anodes, clump anodes,
and buoy anodes is more difficult for divers. In addition, divers will find it difficult
to replace any anodes in areas where the bottom is muddy or where the anchor
chain subassembly is partially buried.


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