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Figure 9-2. Chain Stored in Tiers
Crated Chain. Reusable wooden crates can be used for the shipment and
storage of chain and will normally contain a single shot of chain. The
crates can be stacked to reduce deck space requirements if not loaded
beyond the design capacities stamped on the crates (see Figure 9-3). Five
standard-sized crates have been constructed for the various chain sizes.
The design of one of these crates is shown in Figure 9-4.
Bundled Chain. Chain will be bundled by reeving wire rope through the
last link on each end of the shot and through two other Iinks, each
approximately 30 feet from the nearest end of the shot. The ends of the
wire rope shall be secured to each other to form a sling which may be
used to lift the entire shot. When Iifted, the total length of the shot/sling
combination shall not exceed 20 feet.
Accessories. Accessories should be boxed, crated, or banded to pallets.
Components of the same size, type, and condition should be stored
together for inventory control and ease of access. Parts for joining links


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