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Figure 9-3. Stacking Crates of Chain
and pins for shackles should not be mixed or interchanged, but stored
together as matched sets to ensure proper fit in the field. All joining
links and shackles should be stored clean, free of rust, well-greased, and
loosely assembled. Joining links should never be disassembled and their
parts stored separately.
9.2.3 ANCHORS. Store anchors as follows:
Place anchors on dunnage and in a vertical position.
Store according to type and size for ease of inventory control.
U.S. Navy anchors have identification marks cast, stamped, or cut on the
anchor crown. When stored in a vertical position, these identification marks are not
visible. When stored vertically, this information should be transferred to a suitable
tag or stenciled to the anchor's shank.
9.2.4 CATHODIC PROTECTION MATERIALS. Larger anodes stored outside should be
sealed in plastic liners and boxed to preclude premature galvanic action. Do not
store anodes in the open or near other dissimilar metals, which could result in


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