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corrosion of the anodes. Chain stud anodes should be stored in 55-gallon steel
drums with removable, bolt-on type lids. Only one size of anode shall be packed in
each drum. Cathodic protection material should be kept clean and should not be
painted or coated with oil or grease during either storage or use.
9.2.5 MARKING AND IDENTIFICATION. Marking and identification of components
will be accomplished as described below.
General. Proper marking and identification of all mooring components
will assist in conducting inventories, will help prevent use of improper or
substandard materials, and will speed assembly and installation times
when required components must be drawn from inventory.
Color Coding. It is also good practice to color code chain to identify its
condition. Recommended colors to be applied to the last link on each
end of a chain length are:
Green - for chain in new or good condition.
Yellow - for chain in fair condition.
Red - for chain in poor condition and ready for disposal.
Identification. Identification of chain and accessories shall be on tags of
0.031-inch thick aluminum alloy 1100 or 3003, attached using 0.031-inch
diameter 300 series corrosion resisting steel wire through 0.125-inch
diameter holes at each end of the tag. Characters shall be metal stamped
using 0.25-inch high characters. Tag size and information content shall
be as specified in Figure 9-5. On chain shots, tags shall be attached to the
last link on each end of the shot. Tags will be attached snugly to each
accessory in a location away from the grip area of the component, and
shall be bent to conform to the contour of the component to minimize
risk of snagging or damaging the tag.


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