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Chain Joining Link. This link is also called a detachable joining link, a
chain connecting link, a detachable link, a Iugless joining shackle, a
detachable connecting link, or a Kenter shackle. This link is used to
connect two shots of chain, two A-links, a swivel and an A-link, etc. Its
wire diameter should be the same size as the mooring components it
connects. The two chain joining links commonly found in the Fleet
Mooring Inventory are the Baldt and Kenter types, named after the
companies which developed their designs. Figures B-6 and B-7 provide
sketches of and dimensional information concerning the Baldt and
Kenter designs, respectively. Procedures for assembling a Kenter type
chain joining link are contained in Appendix D.
Anchor Joining Link. This link is also called a detachable anchor
connecting link. This component joins the end of a chain composed of
common links to any of various enlarged mooring components, such as a
ground ring, a buoy padeye, an end link, or an anchor shackle. Figures B-
8 and B-9 provide sketches of and dimensional information for the Baldt
and Kenter types of anchor joining links.
Shackles. Although there are many types of shackles available and in use
throughout industry, there are four basic types of shackles used in fleet
Joining Shackle. This shackle is also called a D-link, a D-shackle, or a
joining shackle, "D" type, and is used to connect lengths of chain.
The shackle is similar in shape to an anchor joining shackle but
smaller in size. Figure B-10 provides a schematic of a typical joining
shackle and a dimensional table of its various sizes.


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