Quantcast Common Stud Link Chain

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Anchor Joining Shackle. This shackle is also called a bending
shackle, an F-link, an F shackle, or an end shackle. It is an enlarged
joining shackle used to connect lengths of chain which have larger
sized chain end links.
Buoy Shackle. This type of shackle is similar to the anchor joining
shackle, except that it has a round pin. It is used as top jewelry. A
schematic drawing of this shackle and its various dimensions is
shown in Figure B-Ii.
Sinker Shackle. This shackle has elongated shanks and is designed
to fit over the width of a chain link and attach a sinker bail to the
chain. This type shackle is not considered a structural component of
a mooring. Figure B-12 provides a schematic drawing of a sinker
shackle and its various dimensions.
Common Stud Link Chain. This link is also called a common link, a stud
link, or an A-link chain. This chain is the basic component of a fleet
mooring and is normally manufactured in 90-foot (l-shot) lengths. A
schematic drawing of a common stud link and its various dimensions is
shown in Figure B-13.
Enlarged Link. This link is also called a B-link. It is a large common stud
link which acts as an adapter and is used between the last common stud
link of a chain and the end link. Figure B-14 provides a schematic
drawing of an enlarged link and its dimensions.
End Link. This link is also called an E-link or an open end link. It is used as
the last link on a shot of chain, allowing a joining shackle or other type
joining link to connect two shots of chain together. Figure B-15 provides
a schematic drawing of an end link and a dimensional table of its various


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