Quantcast Modified Swivel Shackle (Riser)

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C-Link. This link is similar to an end link except that it has an off-center
stud. Offsetting the stud provides sufficient space for the lugs of a
shackle to pass through the larger opening.
Pear Link. This link is also called a pear-shaped link, a pear-shaped ring,
or a pear-shaped end link. This is an end link with one end larger than
the other (see Figure B-16). When cast/forged onto a ground ring, as
shown in Figure B-16, it is used as an adapter to connect the ground ring
to an anchor joining Iink (see Figures B-8 and B-20).
Swivel. A swivel is used to prevent twisting of the riser chain subassembly
of a riser-type, free-swinging mooring, and is also used in each anchor
chain subassembly (near the anchor) to prevent the chain from twisting
during installation (see Figure B-17). This standard swivel is normally
manufactured with a similar sized common link on each end. Swivel Shackle (Chain).
This component can be used in place of the
standard swivel. Both ends of the swivel shackle are required to fit a
common link of a specified nominal chain size and are procured without
attached common links (see Figure B-18).
Modified Swivel Shackle (Riser). This modified swivel shackle has two
different jaw sizes and is designed to be used in lieu of the standard
swivel in a riser. The top end of the riser swivel shackle is required to fit a
shackle eye plate of the tension bar while the other end will be sized to
fit the upper riser link to which it will attach (see Figure B-19). Ground Ring. This is a large steel ring in a riser-type mooring which joins
a riser chain subassembly to three or more anchor chain subassemblies.
Figure B-20 shows a schematic drawing of FM3 ground rings. The size of
the ring for withstanding a particular proof load may vary widely due to
different manufacturing processes.


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